Society Of Latino Engineers & Scientists
San José State University

About S O L E S

Founded in the 1980s, the Society of Latino Engineers and Scientists dedicates itself to the advancement of Latino engineers and scientists. SOLES encourages participation of all students and is comprised primarily of Latino students from a variety of backgrounds and with an emphasis in engineering and science.

The purpose of this organization is to arouse an academic involvement, create community outreach programs, and form academic support groups. We achieve this by building student unity, providing professional and leadership development, and offering workshops, guest speakers, conferences, retreats, fundraisers, and social activities.

Our Team

Angel Gonzalez President

Braulio Oceguera VP - SHPE

Justin Garcia VP - MAES

Jesus Nunez Security

Ivan Zarate Treasurer

Tony Velasco Marketing

Michael Gonzalez Webmaster

Zyrina Alura Sanchez Science Extravaganza - Co Chair

Raul Gonzalez Science Extravaganza - Co Chair

Blanca Sanchez Chapter Advisor