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The 1998 ladies of Sigma Alpha Zeta
"A sister is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and
accepts you today............" [Sigma 2 the heart, Hey Hey!]

From the Heart......

     We are a multicultural sorority, tightly bonded through daily and monthly activities. These events emphasize the importance of communication, respect, trust, love, and honesty.  We strive continuously to maintain and truly appreciate the sisterhood that ties us closer together. This goes beyond the significance of just sharing the same greek letters amongst women.  We are a sisterhood that is able to understand and overcome any obstacle that stands before us.  Our sisterhood is one that we have worked hard for, one we treasure, and one that will last.  We have been growing since 1995, and will continue to grow now and forever.  Check us out and see what we're all about!!!