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"We are each of us angels with only one wing. And we can fly embracing each other."

-Luciano De Creshenzo

[We help those who are in need]

As we extend our arms......
igma Alpha Zeta Sorority is based on the foundation and principle of Community Service. Our community service consist of any volunteer service that may be need within the community or on campus. Sigma Alpha Zeta served at various multi-cultural
events such as the Afribean Festival, showcased traditional foods, clothes, and music of African Americans and other Caribbean cultures. We also participated in event called "College making it Happened." Here we were able to help high school students obtain information on furthering their education after high school. We also volunteer our time at city sponsored events such as Cinco de Mayo festival held in the downtown San Jose.

     For the second year in a row , we had volunteered our services and participated in City Year "Serve A-Thon" which gears towards helping the community. This entails the planting of trees which helps the environment to sorting clothes at the Goodwill clothing store which benefits the homeless. As an organization we have adopt Orchard Middle School which consist of various sisters volunteering their time to tutor low income students ranging from math to English. We nourish our sisterhood bound through coming together in serving the community and every year we expand our willing hearts to help others.

Our interpretation of Philanthropy......
     We found a means to support ethnic women at institutions of higher education. As a result, the women of Sigma Alpha Zeta have

recognized the importance of community involvement. With this realization, Sigma Alpha Zeta understands that with education comes self-improvement and empowerment, the sisters of Sigma Alpha Zeta have placed our focus on the children of the future and their education. Orchard School has been adopted as
our local philanthropy where sisters are able to demonstrate their compassion and interest by involvement in tutoring and mentoring services as well as creating activities that would otherwise be nonexistent for the children at this school. In participating in these activities we hope to encourage these children to invest in their future by furthering their education at institutions of higher education.