Viviana Tacussis,

Hey everyone, I am a 4th year aerospace engineering student and the Rocket Club president. I became involved with rockets my junior year in 2014, when a fellow SJSU AE senior started his senior design project and unofficially started a club for students to make their own amateur rockets as a hobby. I started doing my own rocket and got Level 1 certification. Once Fall 2014 started I knew I wanted to continue with the Rocket Club and made it a recognized SJSU student organization. It has been an amazing experience to see this club more than triple in size since its foundation, and we still have a lot more work ahead of us to improve and make it grow even more. Rocket Club has seen a couple of breakthroughs in its first year, from being able to fund part of student projects to offering academic units for technical elective. We want to provide the opportunity to obtain hands on experience and learn about rocket development and assembly to students who may not have had any experience in the past and who are eager to learn.

Currently my senior design project consists of a H2O2-Kerosene liquid fuel rocket engine for which I worked on the engine geometry and performance design as well as the heat transfer analysis of the regenerative cooling system. My dreams are to obtain my Masters degree in Aerospace Propulsion and to work for JPL or SpaceX in Propulsion Systems. I also hope to obtain my pilots license after I graduate. I did about an hour of flying a Cessna-172 with SJSU Flying 20's club and it was AWESOME. For non-engineering relating activities, I like hiking, jogging, reading, and DANCING! I used to perform and compete in the SJSU Spartan Mambo team until I had to leave because engineering classes took over! I still go out social dancing in the bay area and hang out with my salsa community when I have the time because dancing is simply the other love of my life.

I totally encourage everyone interested in rockets to check out our club and become involved! Doing that first Level 1 rocket completely changed my career aspirations and gave me a new direction so it can absolutely have the same impact on someone else. Feel free to stop by E272 anytime and ask any of the officers questions about the club!

Vice President

 Joe Burces,

Hi my name is Joe and I’m a junior at SJSU. I became interested in planes when I was a kid. I remember building plastic military aircraft models around the age of seven. Eventually I progressed to building and flying model rockets when I was around ten. One day I decided to stuff a model rocket engine into a plastic F-4 Phantom II model, brought it to school and launched it at the playground one summer day. Needless to say it didn’t fly well, but I still had a blast. I loved going to the Moffett Field airshows to watch F-18 fighter jets fly and roar across the sky. I piloted a Cessna 172 over the summer and had such an awesome and unforgettable experience. Someday I hope to get my pilots license. I currently work part time as a motorcycle mechanic and also do custom metal machining on the side. When I do find the time, I enjoy hiking various trails around the Bay Area, rock climbing at Castle Rock, and riding my Ducati in the Santa Cruz Mountains.


 Ted Bohrer,

Public Relations

 Karl Bradley Saclolo,

Hello there fellow rocketeers, my name is Karl and I'm a junior AE here at SJSU! Engineering and space have always been two very big passions of mine as a kid. I would always be found folding planes into paper, building space ships out of legos, or buried in astronomy an astronomy book. When I'm not in class, I can be found volunteering at the Tech Museum, fabricating parts for a drone project, conducting a meeting for a tech startup, or getting my tan on as a guard at the Aquatic Center. When I'm not studying or working, I might be hiking around a trail in the bay, longboarding around the city, or napping on the hill by the Carlos & Smith Olympic Salute monument. I'd like to go to space one day- preferably in a ship of my own design, of course. Let's blow stuff up (in a safe, controlled manner with predictable results)!