Welcome to Rocket Club!

Rocket Club is a student organization that students can join to learn about amateur rocketry as well as more advanced rocketry. The extent of involvement is completely up to you! What we basically do is our members who are new to rocketry purchase rocket kits and components, they build their rockets and they get to launch them for Tripoli Level 1 or 2 certification. This certification is recognized at a national level and you can even put it on your resume. These projects give you a really good opportunity to get your feet wet if you haven't had any technical experience before. You are free to customize your rocket as much as you want, but we also provide guidelines and suggestions if you need them.

To learn more about Tripoli Rocketry Association, visit: www.tripoli.org.

Want to become a Rocket Club member?

There are no membership fees to join the club :). If you want to be a member, contact any of the officers to join our mailing list to keep updated on what the club is doing.

If you guys are wondering about the cost run down, here is a very general idea:
  • -You buy your kit ($60 minimum)
  • -You may buy your own altimeter if you are thinking about doing rockets in the long term ($50 minimum)

The club is happy to provide:
  • - Construction materials
  • - Level 1 motors
  • - Altimeters for rental
  • - Parachutes and parachute protectors for rental
  • - Motor casings for rental
The club asks for a $20 deposit for the rental materials which you get back once we receive the materials back.

Check out cool rocketry components at the following websites:

Interested in a Level 3 Rocket?

Want to enhance your design and building skills? Want to get Level 3 certification? Interested in progressing on to more advanced rocketry? If you are interested in all these things, you are a good candidate for a Level 3 rocket project. Please fill out the form below so we can get team(s) started for Fall 2015. Here are the following Level 3 Rocket project opportunities:

Level 3 Rocket

For this project you will have to design, build, and launch a solid fuel rocket. You will get to make a rocket completely from scratch! It will be a year long project, first semester will be design and planning, second semester will be building and launching. Having a bit of project experience already will provide a foundation for you to apply your skills and making engineering decisions based on project constraints. This project has to incorporate a scientific experiment, anything from testing new materials for fins, improving performance, getting data from telemetry systems to achieve a specific goal, or a combination of different system objectives. Due to TRA rules, this project will not be valid for individual certifications; however, it will be a fantastic learning experience should you choose to build your own!

Altitude Record

Compete with other rocket builders and teams by trying to break the altitude record at a national level. This is also a year long project, first semester design and layout, second semester build and launch. These rockets can get up to 55,000 ft altitude! Can you take on the challenge?

Express your interest here.

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