Welcome to the home page of San Jose State University Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (M. E.Ch.A.).   M.E.Ch.A. is a student organization committed to the empowerment of our gente and the liberation of Aztlán.  As Mechistas, we believe that self-empowerment  can truly be sought through cultura, historia, education, and political involvement.  Through self-empowerment, our people will rise above oppression, sexism, homophobia, and racism.

Thus, as Chicanas and Chicanos, we will dedicate ourselves to taking our educational destiny into our own hands. This will be accomplished by spreading Chicanismo in the spirit of comadrismo / carnalismo and by recognizing that the destiny of the movimiento will be  determined by each Mechista accepting responsibility for carrying the movement forward.


Fair and Unbalanced Racism (08/29/03) by Rodolfo F. Acuna

***General Juntas for Fall 2003 TBA***

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