San José State University

Movimiento Estudiantíl Chicano de Aztlán



To further enhance the philosophical objectives of M.E.Ch.A. we the Chicana/Chicano estudiantes of Califaztlán hereby establish this constitution. M.E.Ch.A. is committed to the empowerment of our gente and the liberation of Aztlán. As Mechistas we believe that self-empowerment can truly be sought through: cultura, historia, education, and political involvement. Through this our people will rise above oppression, sexism, homophobia, and racism.

Thus, as Chicanas and Chicanos we will dedicate ourselves to taking our educational destiny into our own hands through the process of spreading Chicanismo in the spirit of comadrismo/carnalismo by recognizing that the destiny of the movimiento will be determined by each Mechista accepting responsibility for carrying the movement forward.

As Movimiento Estudiantíl Chicano de Aztlán, we will dedicate ourselves to recruit, retain, and graduate more Chicanos and Chicanas from SJSU.

The following structure will make every Mechista accountable to the SJSU M.E.Ch.A. Chapter.

Article I. Name

Section 1.        The name of this organization will be San José State University (SJSU) Movimiento Estudiantíl Chicano de Aztlán (M.E.Ch.A).

Section 2.        The official symbol of this organization will be the eagle with its wings spread, bearing a macahuittle in  one claw and a dynamite stick in the other with the lighted fuse in its beak. The acronym M.E.Ch.A. will be above the symbol with the phrase "La Union Hace La Fuerza" below.

Article II. Chapter Organizational Goals

Section 1.        San José State University M.E.Ch.A. outlines the following organizational objectives:

A.        To undertake the responsibilities of uplifting and mobilizing our people through education, economic, political and social empowerment within our community to achieve liberation;

            B.        To retain our Chicana/Chicano identity and expand our cultural awareness;

            C.        To take every opportunity to educate our Raza about our historia;

            D.        To carry out plans of action concerning Chicanas and Chicanos in Aztlán;

            E.         To recruit, retain, and graduate more Chicanas and Chicanos.

Article III. Chapter Affiliation

Section 1.        SJSU M.E.Ch.A. will be accountable to the Tlatokan Ameyal M.E.Ch.A. Central, the M.E.Ch.A. Northern California Regional, the California Statewide and the M.E.Ch.A. National Structure.

Section 2.        In order to be a recognized M.E.Ch.A. chapter, SJSU M.E.Ch.A. will accept and abide by the following process:

A.        Attend all Tlatokan Ameyal M.E.Ch.A. Central meetings. Attend all M.E.Ch.A. Northern California Regional meetings. Voting rights at the regional level will grant us voting privileges at the California Statewide and National level.
1.         All updated SJSU M.E.Ch.A. chapter information must be submitted to the Communication Center.

Article IV. Chapter Membership

Section 1.        General membership will consist of SJSU students who accept, believe and work for the goals and objectives of M.E.Ch.A.

Section 2.        Voting privileges will be restricted to matriculated and currently enrolled SJSU students.

Section 3.        Voting privileges are granted to those members whom attend at least three consecutive regularly scheduled general body juntas. Voting privileges are withdrawn from those members whom missed two or more consecutive general body juntas.

Section 4.        All membership will not represent SJSU M.E.Ch.A. without the consent of the voting membership.

Section 5.        Undergraduate student are limited to six years active membership in an office or voting position in SJSU M.E.Ch.A. Graduate students will not hold an office position, will be limited to a two-year nonvoting advisory role and will not be eligible for membership thereafter.

Article V. Establishment of Mesa Directiva

Section 1.        The Mesa Directiva will consist of two Co- Chairpersons, two Co-Directors of Finance, two Co-Directors of M.E.Ch.A. Archives, two Co-Directors of Internal Affairs and two Co-Directors of External Affairs.

Section 2.        All membership of the Mesa will attend all M.E.Ch.A. juntas and maintain membership voting status.

Section 3.        Responsibilities of the members of the Mesa Directive are as follows:

A.        The Co-Chairpersons have the responsibility to assemble and preside over juntas. The Co-Chairpersons will direct the general organizing of M.E.Ch.A. and fulfill the responsibilities riot met by the members of the Mesa Directiva.


B.           The Co-Director of Internal Affairs have the responsibility of attending all Tlatokan Ameyal M.E.Ch.A. Central meetings, Northern California Regional meetings, California Statewide Liaison meetings, and M.E.Ch.A. National Liaison meetings. The Co-Directors of Internal Affairs will be the official representatives of SJSU M.E.Ch.A. at all California's Statewide Conferences and the National M.E.Ch.A. Conferences. At these meetings, they will be responsible for reporting to the SJSU M.E.Ch.A. general body detailing all issues under consideration, and they will vote on the issues in the manner that SJSU M.E.Ch.A. voting membership has decided.

C.        The Co-Directors of External Affairs have the responsibility to serve as a liaison between SJSU M.E.Ch.A. and all outside organizations, groups, individuals in the manner decided by the voting membership. When deemed necessary, by the voting membership, they will also produce press releases and contact all print, radio and television media on and off campus. They will also publicize all SJSU M.E.Ch.A. activities on and off campus.


D.        The Co-Director of M.E.Ch.A. Archives have the responsibility of typing all agendas, sustaining all minutes and recording attendance of all SJSU M.E.Ch.A. juntas and archives. It will be the responsibility of the Co-Directors of M.E.Ch.A. Archives to have these resources typed and available for the membership upon each succeeding Junta. They will also be responsible for sorting and updating the M.E.Ch.A. atául.

1.         The M.E.Ch.A. atául will consist of the following documents: all M.E.Ch.A. Constitutions, Philosophy papers, a copy of El Plan de Santa Bárbara, El Plan de Aztlán and copies of minutes and agendas.
E.         The Co-Director of Finance has the responsibility of handling all financial matters of M.E.Ch.A. This includes the collection of all money due to M.E.Ch.A., the dispersal of all funds deemed necessary by voting membership and the rendering of all account finances at every junta.

Section 4.        The term of the SJSU M.E.Ch.A. Mesa Directiva will endure one year; beginning with the termination of the previous Mesa Directiva term and terminating upon the completion of the final day of the Spring semester. Every member of the Mesa Directiva may hold the same position for no more than two years.

Article VI. M.E.Ch.A. Subcommittees

Section 1.        SJSU M.E.Ch.A. will assemble the following committees:

A.        Academic Coordinating Committee.

1.         The goals of the Academic Committee are to ensure that Mechistas are successful in their coursework.
2.         Providing an academic support system,
B.        M.E.Ch.A. Fundraising Committee.
1.         The goal of the M.E.Ch.A. Fundraising Committee is to plan and organize activities for the purpose of raising money.
C.        M.E.Ch-A. Raza Day Coordinating Committee.
1.         The goal of the M.E.Ch.A. Raza Day Coordinating Committee is to plan and organize a successful High School recruitment event.

Article VII. SJSU Advisory Roles

Section 1.        The role of the SJSU M.E.Ch.A. Advisor is to serve as a mentor and resource to the Mesa Directiva and the general body.

Section 2.        The criteria of the Advisor will be decided by the voting membership so long as the criteria is not contradictory to the M.E.Ch.A. Philosophy and Objectives.

Section 3.        The nomination and election process of the Advisor is as follows:

A.        The nomination for the Advisor will run concurrently with the Mesa Directiva nomination process.

B.        The elections for the Advisor will run concurrently with the Mesa Directiva.

C.        The Advisor will be elected by a majority (50%+1) vote.

D.        The term of the Advisor will consist of one year.

Article VIII. Nomination and Election of Mesa Directiva

Section 1.        Nominations will be made by the floor by any voting SJSU M.E.Ch.A. member.

Section 2.        Each individual running for office must have voting rights in order to be nominated for a position in the Mesa Directiva.

Section 3.        The nomination process will be as follows:

A.        Nominations will begin at the second to the last junta of the Spring semester and at the last regularly scheduled junta.

Section 4.        The election process will be as follows:

A.        Elections will occur immediately after nominations have closed during the last regularly scheduled junta.

B.        The secret ballot method will be used in the election process.


C.        All members of the Mesa Directiva will be elected by a majority (50%+l) vote.

Section 5.        Special elections will be as follows:

A.        Special elections will be called by the voting membership to fill vacancies of positions.

B.        One special election may be held immediately proceeding the official election process during the last regularly scheduled junta of the Spring semester.

Article IX. Juntas

Section 1.        There will be a general body junta each week of the regular academic year. Every general body junta will be held in the Chicano Library Resource Center.

Section 2.        The quorum for general body juntas will be majority (50%+1) of the voting membership.

Section 3.        There will be one Mesa Directiva junta each week before the regularly scheduled general body junta.

Section 4.        Committee juntas will be determined by the respective committee members.

Section 5.        Emergency juntas may he called by any voting member upon the arrival of the majority (50%+1) voting membership.

Section 6.        SJSU M.E.Ch.A. juntas will be conducted by Robert's Rule of Order until an alternative method can be found.

Section 7.        There will not be any mandatory dues or fees.

Section 8.        Every voting member unable to attend a regularly scheduled M.E.Ch.A. junta can submit a written proxy to any member of the Mesa Directiva before a junta. Limit one proxy per month.

Article X. Sponsorship

Section 1.        All nonvoting members, M.E.Ch.A. Alumni and guests seeking sponsorship from SJSU M.E.Ch.A. to participate in the California Statewide Conference and/or the National M.E.Ch.A. Conference must submit a written petition to the general body.

A.        Sponsorship will be granted by the majority (50%+l) voting membership.

Article XI. Removal and Reinstatement of Individuals

Section 1.        Individuals who work contrary to the goals and objectives of M.E.Ch.A. (including but not limited to party-building and cadre raiding: refer to Philosophy of M.E.Ch.A) may lose their recognition through one of the following processes:

A.        Removal by Individual
1.         A voting individual must present a written statement against the Individual at a regularly scheduled junta.
2.         At the next regularly scheduled junta, the plaintiff and the defendant must present their cases.
3.         After the proceeding, time will be allowed for members to discuss the matter
4.         After the junta reconvenes, the general membership will vote on the matter. A two-thirds majority vote by the voting membership is required to remove an Individual's recognition.

5.         Upon the removal of an Individual's recognition, the Chapter must, with two-thirds majority vote, address the following items:

a.         Period of time which a petition for reinstatement will be considered;
b.         Conditions that must be met before a petition for reinstatement can be considered;
c.         The number of times a petition for reinstatement will be considered


Section 2.        The authorizing to reinstate M.E.Ch.A. Individuals will reside in the removing body. In such cases one of the following will apply:

A.        Reinstatement by Individual
1.         The Chapter must decide in accordance with Article XI, Section 1, part A., item 5, when an Individual may petition for reinstatement.
2.         At all regularly scheduled juntas, the petitioning for reinstatement must present their case.
3.         Any Individual in opposition to the petition for reinstatement may present their case.
4.         After the proceedings, time will be allowed for members to discuss the matter.
5.         After the junta reconvenes, the members will vote on the matter. A two thirds majority vote, by the voting members in the chapter, is required to approve an Individual's petition for reinstatement.

Article XII. Amendments

Section 1.        A constitutional amendment may be proposed by any voting member in M.E.Ch.A. The amendment must be written, then read, discussed and voted on at the meeting it was proposed.

Section 2.        The amendment must be approved by two-thirds of the voting members present. Amendments become effective immediately upon passage.

Article XII. Jurisdiction

Ultimate authority as to any interpretation of this constitution or anything not mentioned within the constitution must be decided by the general body of SJSU M.E.Ch.A. by a two-thirds vote.



As amended at San José State University on Wednesday, May 13th, 1998