Hindu Yuva Events Resume Critic

Hindu-YUVA SJSU Chapter organised an event Resume Critique for the benefit of the students and guide them through their search for a better future. The event was held at San Jose State University Campus arena, and more than 125 students attended it. They were well guided by the working professionals who are active members of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh USA. To mark the importance of time, the event was divided into two different section which were tech talk and one-to-one information session. The tasks were divided among the groups created within Hindu YUVA for better organization and management. Event started with a quick introduction of Hindu-YUVA, and what we as group do, then SEWA International presented before students various SEWA activities across US, India and how students can participate in those activities. This was followed by introduction of professionals attending the event and tech-talk over current scenario in the industries. Professionals from GITPRO, shared their valuable knowledge over subjects and technology, some of which was data-mining, HADOOP, etc. Following the tech-talk, it was time to make students talk to professionally personally, get their resume evaluated and find few answers to never ending question bank. To make this one-to-one session successful we divided the students according to their major further sub-branched according to their field of specialization. These small group of students were seated with one professional per table, making sure that each table has maximum of 6 students, so that their questions could be answered clearly and everyone gets a chance to talk. The Program concluded with the Vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all the professionals who came for the benefit of students, sparing their valuable time, also wishing all the students good luck in their search.